Everyone I Know

“Everyone I Know” is the result of grappling with my conflicting feelings on technological advancement. I recognize all of the amazing things that have come from it, but I am also frustrated with the addictive nature of our smartphones and social media and the damage it has caused. This piece uses illustration, writing, and layout to express these feelings and explore how we can still hold an optimistic view of the future. The writing originally took the form of a magazine spread. I later transformed it into a small, handheld pamphlet that was riso printed by Small Works Detroit.

Kara Dawkins is a senior in the Graphic Design program at LTU. She has experience in developing brand identities and working with both print and digital media. As a designer at Woodward & Willis, Kara has worked on branding and creating promotional materials for Ann Arbor Virtual Pride 2020 & 2021.