Star Agilis Controller

This was a sponsored, team project to create a next-generation gaming controller for the start-up company, StarAgilis. This controller will, in theory, act as a standalone gaming and media device with the intention of being able to connect to a variety of devices to expand and refine functionality on the fly.

Working with my partner, Aiyana Reed, client parameters for both the intended internal hardware and customer experience were prioritized from the start. Ease of access to the controller interface, and comfort of grip during extended use aided in the creation of a basic form. This was then blended with aesthetic cues from current market competitors and various modern cultural influences. The end result of our combined efforts through this 15-week process was 4 generations of high fidelity 3D prints and a finished product that met the client’s specifications so precisely that they opted to continue development of the final product based around our proposal.

Matt Schott is a senior pursuing his Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Design as an Honors student. He expects to graduate in May of 2023. When designing, his core objective is to create a comprehensive and intuitive experience for the end user. Pulling influences from nature, science fiction, and modern architecture, Matt works to factor in the ergonomics of the end product while introducing refined aesthetics.