Breakaway is a glass pot redesigned to look like a ceramic pot. It is a stand alone centerpiece meant to strike up a conversation with a person and with yourself. It uses a glass pot, paint mixed with baking soda to imitate ceramic texturing and fake flowers. Additionally, describe what inspired your work. The concept was to take something and let it live again, while holding new life in the process. To always grow in a linear fashion means to say within the box. Yet, breaking away requires you to go through all the directions. I want to be able to break away from my box and change the way we see things in the world.

Sarah Adnan is an industrial designer with a focus in product design entering her Junior year. She loves problem solving and creation building. To envision something that could improve or solve people’s daily problems makes her feel useful while also having an artistic touch. She plans on becoming an innovative designer that creates modernist forms and focuses on ergonomic geometries.